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I am a short little desert rat from Tucson, AZ with a little cactus tattoo to prove it. Currently I live in Denver, Colorado working full time as a motion designer. I went to SCAD for traditional 2D animation and now take all the knowledge I learned from that to make motion design work that is just as lively! I love thinking about how animation can better enhance the sharing of information or the telling of a story. Just the ability to combine so many things I love - art, music, education, emotion, acting - is what motivates me to keep animating and keep learning. I spend a lot of time in After Effects these days, but I also have worked extensively in Animate and Toon Boom. I recently got an iPad Pro and excited to see how I can add it to my arsenal of techniques!

In my free time, I love video games, watching all manner of things on Twitch and Youtube, and would be deep into the world of roller derby if Covid hadn't cancelled everything, so for now I just skate as far from other people as possible. I have a cat named Quinn who has a hooked tail and a love of cardboard.